one king one kingdom



Welcome To
AWKNG Revival

AWKNG Worship Night is a prophetic demonstration of unity in our nation! Churches and leaders from different backgrounds and traditions are coming into agreement to proclaim the victory of our Lord JESUS CHRIST. Before His cross we are all equals and only in Him we can truly be ONE.

Leaders from the North & South, Jew (messianic) & Gentile, Dutch & French, German, English and many other languages – we all are joining hands in the pursuit to lift up the name above all names in Belgium.

This worship event is open for everybody who has a desire to see Gods church heal, connect take its place in our region. We pray for a true and powerful AWAKENING of his body! NOW is the TIME! ALL for ONE – because the ONE died for us ALL!

We will also have pastors & leaders from The Netherlands & Germany being our guests.

Seats are limited – you can make a reservation on Eventbrite.

To kick this off we want to host a worship night in Antwerp where we can gather together to worship the king.